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manufacture of wear resistant steel plate ar600

Steel grade:manufacture of wear resistant steel plate ar600

Thickness: 2mm-500mm

Certification: ABS, GL, BV, GOST, TS, CCS, CNNC, ISO

Payment Terms: T/T OR LC at sight

steel plate is widely used, involving various mechanical and engineering fields.

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manufacture of wear resistant steel plate ar600 Introduction

Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China - China Commodity Net

Suitable for connection of high-tension structural steel; used for welding of rotary kiln tyre rim, ring gear, driven pinion and structure. China Export Statistics (2014) : HARD SURFACE WEAR-RESISTANT …

Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China - China Commodity Net

Products/Services We Offer: Compound wear-resistant steel plate, Cooling machine, Welding material Primary Business Type: Manufacturer Trader Code for Imp. & Exp.: No Supply. Business Started In: Number of Employees: No Supply Last updated: a year ago UPDATE NOW

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Jun 04, 2014· "We work with over eight countries around the world to make this bridge and more than 75 percent of the steel is from the US. The rods themselves are from the US and the steel plates are from Shanghai, China.[PDF]

Research of Laser Cladding on Mold Copper Plate Surface

In continuous caster manufacture procedure, one side of copper plate, which is in contact with liquid steel (slab shell), conducts a lot of heat into cooling water.[PDF]

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

steel plate, two major problems would occur. One is the tempera-ture filed problem of the HSLA steel plate, the other is the thermo-dynamics of the HSLA steel plate including the plate’s deformation and stress distribution during the laser shock processing, and the two main problems are always together studied in literatures.

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Translate this pageSECTION 1 [01.01-01.08] Iron and Steel Products 第一部分 共8卷 960个标准 钢铁产品 . 01.01 Steel – Piping, Tubing, Fittings 钢-钢管,管道与配件 (1044页, 117个标准) 1月 …

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Translate this pageASTM B 794-1997 Standard Test Method for Durability Wear Testing of Separable Electrical Connector Systems Using Electrical Resistance Measurements , ASTMB794 , ASTM B794 ASTM B 795-2007 Standard Test Method for Determining the Percentage of Alloyed or Unalloyed Iron Contamination Present in Powder Forged (PF) Steel Materials , ASTMB795 , ASTM B795


Translate this pagecarbon steel n. 碳素钢 tànsù gāng casting n. 铸造 zhùzào catalyst n. 催化剂 cūihuàjì cavity n. 型腔 xíngqiāng chemical resistance n. 耐化学腐蚀性 nài huàxué fǔshí xìng chip v. 削 xiāo,凿 záo clamping force n. 锁模力 suǒmólì clamping tonnage n. 锁模吨位 suǒmó dūnwèi computer aided design (CAD) n.[PDF]

Programs of Joint Funds - NSFC

Programs of Joint Funds 191 GL8. Research on the structure design and mechanism of vibration reduction of polymer composite damping materials GL9. Studies on synthesis of energy materials in extreme conditions GL10. Studies on performance and mechanism of friction wear of high strength temperature resistant lubrication composite materials GL11.


Translate this pagelock washer(L/W) 斜垫片 lockable 可闭锁的,可锁定的 locker 摇杆,锁紧器 lock-in circuit 自保电路 locking jaw 锁紧爪 locking relay 自锁继电器 locks 门锁装置,联锁装置 log diary 运行日记 logger 记录器 logic analyser 逻辑分析器 logic circuit 逻辑电路 logic diagram 逻辑图 logic element 逻辑元件 logical combination 逻辑结合 long ton ...

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Translate this pageASTM F 2279-2006 Standard Practice for Quality Assurance in the Manufacture of Fixed Wing Light Sport Aircraft , ASTMF2279 , ASTM F2279 ASTM F 2280-2008 Standard Specification for “Twist Off” Type Tension Control Structural Bolt/Nut/Washer Assemblies. Steel. Heat Treated. 150 ksi Minimum Tensile Strength , ASTMF2280 , ASTM F2280

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双金属复合耐磨钢板热轧工艺的优劣势 - 中国百科网

Translate this pageAdvantages and disadvantages of hot rolling process of bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate(Summary:The manufacturing process of bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate has two kinds of hot rolling and cold rolling.

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Translate this pageAt present, high manganese wear-resistant steel plates have been widely used to form the parts easy to be worn under strong impacts of devices, e.g. they are used as wear-resistant liner plate s. In foreign countries, as the material of liner plate s and shields of w ear-resistant devices, h igh m anganese w ear-resistant s teel Mn13 rolled ...

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Translate this pageSurgical Stainless Steel. The introduction of steel plates for fracture treatment is credited to Sherman. 3 Surgical stainless steel alloys (316L) made with varying amounts of iron, chromium, and nickel are presently used in the manufacture of prostheses. The low carbon (L) in surgical stainless steel diminishes corrosion and decreases adverse tissue responses and metal allergies.

美国材料与试验协会ASTM 65-标准3721-搜狐博客

Translate this pageASTM F 1868-2002 Standard Test Method for Thermal and Evaporative Resistance of Clothing Materials Using a Sweating Hot Plate , ASTMF1868 , ASTM F1868 ASTM F 1869-2004 Standard Test Method for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate of Concrete Subfloor Using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride , ASTMF1869 , ASTM F1869[XLS]

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We formulated and implemented the Guidelines on Curbing Excess Production Capacity and Redundant Development in Some Industries and Guiding Them toward Healthy Development, and put forward the main principles, policies and measures on promoting the healthy development of the steel, cement, plate glass and coal chemicals industries.

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Translate this pagePre-hardened steel molds are less wear-resistant and are used for lower volume requirements or larger components. The typical steel hardness is 38–45 on the Rockwell-C scale. Hardened steel molds are heat treated after machining. These are by far the superior in terms of wear resistance and lifespan.[XLS]

· Web viewResearch and manufacture of metal bellows expansion joint, pressure vessel of special material, bridge accessories, special steel casting and forging and special metal material structure Hengshui Fengze Engineering Rubber Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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Translate this page汽车专业中英文对照(A) Abbreviation 省略;略语 Abnormal combustion 异常燃烧 Abnormal knocking 异响 Abnormal motion 异常运动 Abrasion 磨蚀,磨损,研磨 Abrasion resistance 耐磨性、抗磨性 Abrasion resisting properties 耐磨性 Abrasion test 磨损

Steel grade

Steel specification

Our advantage

Steel Plate

1).2500mm production line-(Width:1600-2300mm, Thickness:6-30mm,Annual capacity:1,600,000 Tons;

The mainly steel plate we specialized in producing are shipbuilding steel, weathering resistant steel, boiler and pressure vessel steel, pipeline steel and so on. In addition, we can also arrange production according to the following standards - EN10025, EN10028, DIN 17100, ASTM A131, JISG3101, JISG3106...

2).3500mm production line-(Width:2000-3050mm, Thickness:10-80mm, Annual capacity: 2,000,000 Tons;

3).4300mm production line-(Width:1500-4100mm, Thickness:6-300mm, Annual capacity: 1,800,000 Tons;

Steel Pipe

The Seamless pipe production line range is OD 10.3mm--965.2mm, wall thickness 1.0mm--120mm, Annual capacity is 500 thousand tons.

We can do shot blasting and anti-corrosion according to DIN 30670 for diameter 10mm-3500mm,which is the most advanced level in China. To guarantee the quality, we can do Hydraulic test, Ultrasonic Testing, X-Ray test and drop hammer test before each shipment.

LSAW pipe production line range is OD 406mm--2500mm, wall thickness 6mm--50mm, Annual capacity is 150 thousand tons.

ERW pipe production line range is OD 17.1mm--660mm, wall thickness 0.6mm--22mm, Annual capacity is 100 thousand tons.

SSAW pipe production line range is OD 219.1mm--3500mm, wall thickness 3.2mm--25.4mm, Annual capacity is 200 thousand tons.

Stainless Steel

Cold rolled stainless steel plate/coil- (Thickness: 0.3-3.0mm; Width: 1000-2000mm; Length: According to customer's requirement; Surface:2B, 2D, BA, No.3, No.4)

Bebon has long term cooperation with TISCO, LISCO, ZPSS and Bao steel, etc..which are the top biggest and most famous stainless steel factories. Due to the good relationship with them, we have become their first-class agent. We can provide the best quality goods with competitive price.

Steel Plate & Coil Specification

Hot rolled stainless steel coil sheet
Cold rolled stainless steel coil & sheet
0.3-3.0 mm
coil or as per requirement.
coil or as per requirement.
No.1 or 1D
GB/T4237-2015 ASTM A240/A240M JIS G4304
GB/T3280-2007 ASTM A240/A240M JIS G4305 EN10088-2:2005
MOQ for coil
13mt or as per coil actual weight
MOQ for coil
5mt or as per coil actual weight
MOQ for sheet
5 Pcs
MOQ for sheet
5 Pcs

According to the composition is divided into carbon steel and alloy steel, can be further classified according to uses, high strength low alloy steel plate, boilers and pressure vessels steel plate, mold plate, and shipbuilding and offshore platform steel plate, pipeline steel plate, wear-resistant steel plate, military uses steel plate and so on,

Boiler Or Pressure Vessel Steel Plate

It includes carbon steel, carbon manganese steel, micro-alloy steel, low alloy and high strength steel and low temperature steel. The working temperature is generally from -20C to 500C, and the individual can reach 560 degrees centigrade. The Pressure vessel steel plate is a special material related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. It is a short line product of the metallurgical industry.
Pressure Vessel Steel plate have many types, we can provide SA387, SA516, SA537, SA517 and so on, American Standard boiler or pressure vessel steel plate, already export to the United States, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and many other countries, high quality and low price, can be cut according to customer requirements..

Steel Standard:
ASTM A203 / ASME SA203, ASTM A204 / ASME SA204, ASTM A285 / ASME SA285
ASTM A299 / ASME SA299, ASTM A302 / ASME SA302, ASTM A387 / ASME SA387
ASTM A515 / ASME SA515, ASTM A516 / ASME SA516, ASTM A517 / ASME SA517
ASTM A533 / ASME SA533, ASTM A537 / ASME SA537, ASTM A612 / ASME SA612
ASTM A662 / ASME SA662
EN10028-2, EN10028-3, EN10028-5
DIN 17155

Carbon And Low-Alloy High-Strength Steel Plate

Carbon Steel, main point is that the mass fraction of carbon is less than 2.11% and does not contain the alloy elements and are specially added. Low-alloy high-strength steel is a kind of engineering structural steel developed by adding a small amount of Mn, Si and trace elements such as Nb, V, Ti and Al in the basis of Carbon structural steel.
The so-called low alloy is that the total alloy elements in the steel do not exceed 3%, which are mainly used for manufacturing various engineering structures with high strength, such as bridges, ships, vehicles, high pressure vessels, oil and gas transmission pipelines, large steel structures and so on.
Carbon steel plate and low alloy high strength steel plate, is the most common and widely used steel plate, strong supply capacity, the domestic production of the largest steel plate, we can cut processing according to customer requirements, and also can be processed according to the requirements of the drawings by grinder, our finished products are praised by our many customers, welcome to send us the enquiries and the drawing.

Steel Standard:
ASTM A36, ASTM A283, ASTM A514 / ASME SA514
ASTM A572 / ASME SA572, ASTM A633 / ASME SA633, ASTM A709
EN10025-2, EN10025-3, EN10025-4, EN10025-6 
DIN17100, DIN17102
GB/T700, GB/T1591, GB/T16270

Shipbuilding Or Offshore Structural Steel Plate

Marine steel plate refers to the hot rolled steel plate used to manufacture the hull structure according to the standard requirements of the Classification Society. Shipbuilding or Offshore structural steel plate, first, good toughness is the most critical requirement. In addition, it requires high strength, good corrosion resistance, welding performance, processing performance and surface quality. In order to ensure quality and ensure enough toughness, the chemical composition of Mn/C is above 2.5, and the carbon equivalent is also strictly required, and it is produced by a steel factory approved by the Ship Inspection Department. With the development of marine industry, the steel demand is rising dramatically, in addition to the ordinary ship plate, offshore platform steel plate in recent years is the demanded for a wide range. Our Steel's EN10225 standard steel plate, get the praise of our many customers, including S355G7, S355G8.

Ship Class Steel Plate

Standard: CCS, ABS, LR, GL, BV, DNV, KR, RINA, ETC

Grade :A, B, D, E, AH36, DH36, EH36, AH40, DH40, EH40, FH36, FH40

Thickness : 8mm-500mm 
Width : 1000mm-4000mm 
Length : 1000mm-20000mm

EN10225 Weldable Structural Steels for Fixed Offshore Structures.

Standard: EN10225
Grade :S355G2+N, S355G3+N, S355G5+M, S355G6+M, S355G7+N, S355G8+N, S355G7+M, S355G8+M, S355G9+N, S355G9+M, S355G10+N, S355G10+M
S460G1+QT, S460G1+M, S420G2+QT, S420G2+M,S460G3, S460G4,and so on.

Thickness : 8mm-500mm 
Width : 1000mm-4000mm 
Length : 1000mm-20000mm

API Spec 2H specification for Carbon Manganese Steel Plate for Offshore Structures, API Spec 2H specification covers two grades of intermediate strength steel plates up to 4 in. thick for use in welded construction of offshore structures

Standard: API SPEC 2H
Grade :API Spec 2H Grade 42, Grade 50

Thickness : 8mm-500mm 
Width : 1000mm-4000mm 
Length : 1000mm-20000mm

Wear Resistant Steel Plate

Wear resistant steel plate has high wear resistance and good impact resistance, capable of cutting, bending, welding, welding, can take the plug welding and bolt connecting with other structures are connected, the advantages of time saving, convenient in maintenance process, widely used in metallurgy, coal, cement, electricity, glass, mining, building materials, tiles and other industries, compared with other materials, has a very high price, has been more and more favored by the industry and manufacturers.

Grade :NM360, NM400, NM500, NM550

WNM360, WNM400, WNM450, WNM500

Thickness : 8mm-150mm 
Width : 1000mm-4000mm 
Length : 1000mm-20000mm

If you are interested in our company or products, welcome to visit our company or local offices; you can also get contact with us through online consulting, demand table submission, e-mails and telephones. Our staff shall wholeheartedly provide product information, application knowledge and good service for you.


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